The Most Innovative LinkedIn Campaign - Most Fashionable Professional (Van Heusen)

As social media is evolving day by day consumer brands align their branding and acquisition strategy with social networks.  Here in India the social buzz words are just revolving around Facebook and twitter.  So far very few Indian brands have come up with any strategic campaign for LinkedIn platform, which considered as serious professional network.  

Most Fashionable Professional (Van Heusen)
My own experience with LinkedIn wasn't fruitful.  I have tried wealth management product on LinkedIn when I was working with Dalal Street Investment Journal.  Now at Bajaj Finserv we have tried stamp & text ad for lending products with selected corporate, even we haven’t got any response for awareness campaign as well.  I was little skeptical about LinkedIn output both for awareness and performance oriented campaign.  We think in a very conservative way to go live on LinkedIn, I was thinking some innovative idea how to cash LinkedIn professionals & surprisingly I came across with a fantastic campaign on LinkedIn by Van Heusen - Nominate the Most Fashionable Professional in your network  ( 

Some Learning from the Campaign: 
  • The theme of the contest has perfectly crafted after in depth study of the professionals behavior on LinkedIn 
  • Nomination idea is good but not a great, on professional network  like LinkedIn 86% of connections with we never interact face to face, on what ground we should nominate
  • We love ourselves; it’s a natural human psychology. If  contest owner design contest core mechanics around self nomination and voting invitation for his her network connection I think this contest would get huge response
  • Technical  Aspects – All alternative tabs are designed in I frame (Content flow restrictions)  
  • Design Aspects – The photographs used in creative’s align to western country, for Indian campaign brand agency must follow Indianization  feel 
  • Content  Aspects – Content is very penetrative, specially Expert speak, There is a huge scope in style tips section 
  • Market Research Aspects - Through this campaign brand will come up with very interesting  consumer interaction pattern & preferences where they can use for up coming consumer promo.
  • Going ahead being a brand owner one should consider cross social platform integration (Facebook to Linkedin)  
Most Fashionable Professional - LinkedIn Campaign

Alas !! this is the most innovative and lucrative campaign recently I have come across on linkedin, thump UP >>>  

Don’t forget to Nominate the Most Fashionable Professional in your LinkedIn network ( 

Let me think something on similar line for lending product, will come up with my own case study next time for you guys …. Stay tuned 

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Digital Branding - Differentiation & Positioning Strategy

How we can afford being same on marketing strategy and creative front which will decide brand positioning and differentiation.  In the digital marketing space every brand has tried to come up with so aggressive on digital creative front to approach TG. I have been associated couple of year with big BFSI brands and their digital acquisition strategy. Throughout the digital branding execution I came to know that how important is creative differentiation while approaching same TG.

In my recent research on Personal Finance Space, I have studied top notch players integrated digital marketing strategy. Yesterday I have received bunch of mails from all leading players along with their offer.  Within offers and creative front I have noticed top industry players have been used same product message, same creative, same approach & same deliverables.

I am wondering how big banking brands like HDFC & ICICI chosen same white label partner, same creative agency, which results in the same sales ripple.  

At this stage we need to define where and how a brand should be active online with creative differentiation. This needs to be balanced against the findings that came from mapping out the brand culture and more specifically.
  • Where the audience is online
  • What kind of creative content will being produced 
  • The resources available
Through the digital channels a brand has the possibility to move into loyalty phase. Here you can explore the possibility of your brand delivering high level of engagement by providing top notch digital creatives for their customers that are either driven from the core of the brand or taking opportunities from the peripheral edges.

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Display Advertisements Vs Performance Marketing

It's been a very busy two months in the learning phase of Google DFP and Dot-nuke CMS for me since my last blog post. Display advertisement learning add 360 degree curve to my online marketing knowledge base.  So far my online marketing journey has been getting through rigorous assignments from affiliate marketing, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Management to GUI design and now Display Adverting.  Bhavik (DSIJ SBU Head – Online Sales) has taught me basic of Google DFP and then on I have learns Double Click Ad Exchange and Google Ad Sense.

My abundant knowledge to affiliate marketing helps me a lot to learn display adverting gimmicks in a short time. Digital marketing knowledge helps me to optimized advert inventory and click through, CMS knowledge help me for better ad slot placement. In short I have managed to increase our display adverting revenue by 300% in two months only.  

Since couple of month I have received calls from few leading Indian merchant about Affiliate Marketing Management. Indian online market is really in nascent stage for affiliate business model. Marketing managers just concentrate on impression mechanism to show something on paper as performance proof.   Does display advertisement is the only choice to spend your dime; being aggressive marketer don’t you bother about conversion.  Where does performance marketing fit in your integrated marketing approach? Let’s have a look on following stats.

Reference to above stats, any one can easily interpret the paradigm shift in online advertising.  Then have you ever seriously think about performance marketing possibility for your business model.  Utter to my Surprise few of Indian merchants has started judging “performance business model” without understanding their own business life cycle just to meet with sales targets.
Indian eCommerce Industry badly need a kick start with affiliate marketing, someone need to put serious thoughts on it. So far only Manish Vij sense opportunities in this space by investing in DGM-India after Letsbuy sell out to Flipkart.  Last week my training workshop for India’s upcoming Jewellery & Diamond eCommerce portal for affiliate marketing given me an opportunity to dig this space once again and analyzed the KPI’s  for Indian continent. Stay tuned here on D-Hawk I’m going to publish few insights related to affiliate marketing business model (context to Indian eCommerce industry), Affiliate tracking software reviews & Affiliate marketing management strategy.

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Ambush Marketing Cases Associated to Event IPL

 Cricket fever is back in grip us with (Indian Primer League) IPL 2012 and the competition is getting hotter by the day since season enters in to final lap. Indian Primer League event which is always a big opportunity for brands since its inception to grab attention of masses.  With this post I’m going to focused on two cases who has used Ambush Marketing tactics very smartly.  Herewith I haven’t digging it out digital marketing success story of respective campaign but how smart they are in terms of event association.
Companies tried to piggyback IPL to win them free advertising, despite some of the strictest rules ever, by upstaging rivals paying lakhs of rupees to be official sponsors of IPL 2012. Sponsorship spending has soared during the past 20 years, attracting so-called ambushers, companies trying to associate themselves with an event without paying for the rights.

Case I – LIC India Forever Fan Page: Predict & Win (
LIC has launched Predict & Win campaign on Facebook fan page, In terms of engagement the campaign rock, people are in IPL fever, supporting their teams and ready to participate such contents on social media  to entertain them self along with game predictions. 

Case II – Hippo's - Indian Food League (
Parle Agro has recently launched IFL (Indian Food League) for their popular snacks brand Hippo. This campaign IFL (Indian Food League) conceptualizes and design on the basis of IPL (Indian Premier League). The concept is excellent one you have to support your favourite dish belongs to popular region (IPL Franchises) 

Above both cases has utilized event buzz very smartly, IPL association with their campaign has been created awareness about their brand in community. The same kind of campaign was launched by Motilal Oswal securities Ltd (India’s biggest equity broking firm) last year. Ambush Marketing tactics are not new to marketer but how you smartly they utilized this tool is entirely their call. Even upcoming London marathon authority implies strict law against ambush marketing activity to protect sponsored brands interest.

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Ab Ras Barsega

Since long time I haven’t put any campaign analysis here on D-Hawk, last two months was really busy around me, while working on different projects at DSIJ and mentoring few online marketing aspirants.  Yesterday while watching IPL I came across with ‘Ab Ras Barsega’ Katrina Kaif Slice advertisement.  I was stunned, My eyeballs concentrated at ‘kats’ stats rather than advertisement “Ras Grahana”  …  I was thinking if this advertisement made for  Kamas Sutra (Condom) rather than  Mango Sutra then it might be rocked in terms of profit making.

I don’t want to put myself in to big debate over success of “Ab Ras Barsega” Campaign, this campaign has been created buzz and succeed to engage community (Male Dominant – Brand Engagment).  The biggest questions are what about Brand Positioning and Brand Penetration.  Do slice brand manager really want to extend TAP or just being happy over SEXY ad creation and time period buzz. Here with I would like to share few Youtube channel and FB fan page comments on Ab Ras Barsega advertisement campaign.

“This Ad Target All Male! - IN a way Really damn Hot and good Concept hot Seduce Us By Kat Beauty! But the Main part was her Hot Belly + Navel! Now a Day Sexual Theme are Common on TV! Which make All the Male ! Fap Fap..... Right!”

The Above comments suggest everything, ‘Kats’ sexiness overshadows slice sweetness.  While brand endorsement and story board writing one should keep in mind about brand extension and brand properties.  Why Parle Argo’s “Mango Frooty” is still favorite in masses. In the decade of 1990’s they position Mango Frooty as family drink. The campaign was started by targeting 3-12 year age group and over the time period they have been nurturing Mango Frooty as family drink. A very smart brand positioning and brand extension.

Brand nurturing here in India is very challenging process, you should understand culture and family values if you want to enjoy long term brand loyalty. 

No more analysis … Enjoy SEXY KAT

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