30 January 2017

Cloud Application Management Platform – Velocity Technology Solution

While searching for Cloud Application Management Platform for one of my client, I have came across with Velocity Technology Solution. For my initial queries, team velocity extended a helping hand beyond a simple proposal. I have found them to be highly professional. Their complex business process understanding and solution approach is really amazing. I highly recommend them. 

Velocity is uniquely positioned to provide clients with hardware and infrastructure needed to ensure a robust, scalable and secure environment for optimal performance of enterprise SAP products, enabling browser-based access to SAP applications from anywhere. Each data center - from location and accessibility to power density and redundancy - is designed to guarantee its security, resiliency and efficiency.

Velocity has partnered with Amazon Web Services to bring you a cloud management platform purpose-built for enterprise SAP. Velocity’s Cloud Management Platform, VCAMP, is built to manage SAP applications at AWS.
  • VCAMP(Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform) enables businesses to receive all of the benefits of SAP applications ‘out-of-the-box’ with no project to manage in as few as 5 hours.
  • The architecture and deployment of the SAP application through VCAMP leverages the AWS foundation of EC2 instance availability of 99.999%, delivering consistently higher SLAs at the application layer.
  • Dynamic application scaling, elastic consumption and intelligent analytics deliver optimized resource utilization and an integrated view of both infrastructure and application resources.
  • Predictable monthly SAP hosting and managed services fee. SaaS SAP hosting model via Partner Managed Cloud Program membership.
  • Senior Teams of SAP hosting and functional consultants in the US, UK, Singapore & India

03 October 2016

Am I The Best Digital Marketing Professional in Pune?

Sir ‘Are you the best digital marketing professional in Pune’, the question asked by MBA student of MIT school of management pune while delivering  week long digital marketing workshop & training at the campus. In my 7 year as a digital marketing trainer in pune, first time someone has asked me this question. I was stunned for a minute, then realized I have to answer this smart chap from SEO context.

best digital marketing professional in Pune

I have started explaining him google keyword ranking process & how different keywords ensure your website ranking according to competition.  For an example the search queries ‘Best Digital Marketing Expert in Pune, ‘Best Online Marketing Expert in Pune, Best Internet Marketing Expert in Pune, Best Web Marketing Expert in Pune etc. For such keywords (more than 25 combinations) google have shown my blog Dhwak -Mission Digital Branding on first page. I might not the only best digital marketing expert, but yes I am one of the best digital marketing experts from Pune. The same practical Example I have demonstrated for Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune & other variation searches shows Yashus.in in google search. 

This practical demonstration actually helps me to justify Sujay Khandge – the best digital marketing expert from pune & satisfy that student query, Alas … 

Sujay Khandge – the best digital marketing expert from pune

23 August 2016

Are We The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune?

The Best Digital Marketing Agency in Pune
Are you the best digital marketing agency in Pune? One of my prospect client had asked this question to me on the last round of mandate closure. I paused, thought for a while and replied “no we are not the best digital marketing agency in around Pune, India, but an intelligent, skillful, honest, trustworthy and performance driven digital marketing agency you will probably find in Pune.  ‘What is that difference’ the next fire round by Client ‘X’.  Uff let me take 5 mins of yours to answer this question; I had to go through a bumpy ride to explain the digital marketing process to my client ‘X’.

Finding digital marketing agency in your city is not so difficult these days. You will find every other na├»ve person hopping onto the digital marketing bandwagon. Each blogger declare themselves as a founder, ceo etc etc. One should ask those self-declared geeks questions beyond execution tools, I am 100% sure they would not manage to even attempt to answer your question. The complex digital marketing challenges are not just about execution, it’s about strategy which will define your niche, understand your target audience profile, product or services (complex business model) & competitors bench-marking. 

While finalizing the best digital marketing agency for your business you should consider the sales & marketing experience of your digital account manager or the company. First question one should ask about sales outcome with expected timeline. I bet you 99% of your shortlisted, self-declared ‘the best digital marketing agency’ runaway from digital performance commitment. 

We at Yashus digital marketing agency from Pune have been managing 25 clients since last 15 months successfully. For each of our client we have delivered tangible digital sales.  We take pride in saying that  “ we are not the best best digital marketing agency in Pune, but an intelligent, skillful, honest, trustworthy and performance driven digital marketing agency you will probably find in Pune.

Let's explore your digital marketing horizon call - 9766654355 or skype - sujay.khandge